3 Hairstyles for Working Out {Day 11}

3 Hairstyles for Working Out {Day 11}

I love a good workout, and usually I go run a ton of errands after. I try to make sure that when I go workout that my hair is cute, functional, and can be transitional from workout to running errands! 


Look one: 


Two Top Knots: 

  1. Separate hair down the middle 
  2. Pull hair to the top of head, and grab in a messy bun formation. 
  3. Add a rubber band. 
  4. Pull pieces out where needed 
  5. Add bobby pins for any extra hold 
  6. Run those Buns off 😉 

Look 2: 

Braids with Baseball Hat

  1. Separate hair into two sections
  2. Regular braid hair, and tie off with rubber band 
  3. Pull braid apart for a thicker braid 
  4. Spray and go! 

Look Three: 

Ponytail with Braided Bangs: 

  1. French or Dutch Braid both sides of your bangs/front hair 
  2. Start with smaller pieces and separate out only a small section so the whole hair isn't braided. 
  3. Begin by crossing over/under to complete the braid. 
  4. braid until you reach the nape of your neck. 
  5. Tie off hair with a rubber band 
  6. Add braids into low ponytail
  7. Tie off and you're good to go! 



Enjoy your workout babes! 



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