A New Start

Hi Babes!


It's been a minute, but consider this my official welcome back into the blogesphere and what I am doing next.


As some of you know I moved to NYC about 7 months ago ready to start my new job, and legit press on the blogging pedal with full force. However, that's not quite how things worked out.


When I moved I moved into my sister Kennady's apartment with the hopes of finding my own within a month so that Ben (husband) could come out and meet me there, and we wouldn't have to spend that much time apart. Well one month turned into two and things just kept happening and long story short he came about 3 months later. Fast forward and he is here.


Long story short I had a gap in blogging and Instagramming during this time and I really kind of lost myself. I felt that I had to work ten times harder to try to be someone I am not, and compete with girls who have done this for years. Now don't get me wrong...I think a little competition is always a good thing, but I started comparing every little inch of who I was to someone else. When I started my blog/Instagram I really wanted to be someone who people felt was real, open, and honest about struggles. Someone people could relate to. In the beginning of my blog I really felt like I did a great job at that...I told people my honest thought of beauty products, my struggle with hair loss and auto-immune disease and then I fell into the trap and became another girl who posts pictures of herself with witty captions that has no substance to what I was saying. I was so frustrated as to why I wasn't growing I mean I was doing what everyone else did why wasn't I seeing success. Well ding ding ding. It wasn't until my mom and hubs were saying you weren't supposed to do what everyone else does. Wow. That hit me like a ton of bricks. You're right I was meant to talk about beauty and help people feel the most beautiful they possibly could, and not feel like they virtually hated me for being in a new country every day and posting unrealistic photoshopped pictures of themselves in expensive clothes that to be honest they probably wear with the tags on and return after.. (i work retail 😉 )


Now I would never not support a woman in her endeavors or what was making her happy, and what she was doing as a career. I think a lot of the things bloggers and influencers do are amazing, I also think a lot of it isn't but that doesn't mean I will be any less supportive. I simply was not happy with that life and trying to keep up. I felt like I was using a platform and being so vacant and thoughtless as I was posting. It became almost a drag to post and figure out what to do.


So with that being said....here is to the re-launch of Madzzy a beauty encyclopedia coming with podcasts interviews, reviews, raw honest things that I have struggled with, and at the end of the day being 100% real.


Thanks for reading my rant. I am so excited. Let's do this.





The new Madzzy


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