Apprendre A Tresser Francais {Day 8}

Apprendre A Tresser Francais {Day 8}

There is nothing chicer than the French. Between their effortless style, and perfectly put together outfit. When it comes to updating a classic chic hairstyle. The french braid (with an updated twist) is the way to go. 


How to get Madzzy's Deconstructed French Braids: 

  1. Begin by parting hair down the middle. 
  2. When you begin to braid separate hair int0 3 pieces. 
  3. Begin by taking the furthest piece away from the middle line, and cross over on top. 
  4. Begin to cross each piece over the center line, and make sure you are keeping it loose. 
  5. After the first three crossovers begin to pick up small sections that line up with the hair. 
  6. Continue to braid until hair is completely in the braid. 
  7.  After, normal braid and separate and pull pieces for a more relaxed "effortless" creation. 

Follow these steps for the perfect french braids. 




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