Bangin Blowout {Day 10}

Bangin Blowout {Day 10}

Ok, so when you see someones hair you love, what do you picture?  Is it curly, full, or bouncy? All three? Me too. When it comes to the "perfect hair" there are a lot opinions, but one of the most sought after hair is the Bangin Blowout. 


So grab your blowdryer, and lets get going. First things first start with your adding your serums. If I'm blowing my hair out I am going to add the products that give me the most volume. Yarok Feed Your Roots

Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner:



Steps to the best blowout:

  1. Wash hair
  2. Add Serum, and volume adding mousse to hair 
  3. Use Aquis Towel to dry bulk of hair
  4. Separate hair into three sections
  5. Begin to round brush hair straight up for added volume. 
  6. Continue to blow dry each section remember to go upward for the most volume. 
  7. Run a blow dryer through at the end of round brushing for extra volume with cool air. 
  8. Tease and Spray. 
  9. Rock that Bangin Blowout 

Alright Babes, 

That Bangin Blowout is yours!





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