DIY Hair Mask! {Day 7}

DIY Hair Mask! {Day 7}

After successfully completing three days of no heat, you deserve a treat right?! Treat yourself to a homemade hair mask to finish this first week strong. So head to the kitchen and make sure to follow these simple steps for a relaxing night all about you. New hair new you right? Alright my favorite recipes are on the blog so check that out, and join in. Pro tip ***grab a sheet mask for ULTIMATE relaxation.


Recipe for success(full) hair, and an even better night 😉

My favorite hair masks I have pulled over the years from different sites (beauty magazines, Pinterest, etc):

For Hair Growth:

1TBSP of Coconut Oil

1 TBSP of olive oil

2 TBSP of honey

One egg

Mix up, and let sit on hair for 30 minutes (massage in really well to get the blood flowing remember my post on shampooing use that here too) then rinse out.


For Damaged Hair:


4 TBSP aloe vera gel

2 TBSP of coconut oil (slightly warm so it is easier to mix)


Massage into hair, and let sit for 30 minutes follow up with madzzy’s tips for shampooing and get ready for gorgeous locks.


For Dry Hair:


4 TBSP Honey

6 TBSP of Olive Oil


Apply to hair, let sit for 15-30 minutes wash off, and love the hydration your hair now has.

Split end:


2 TBSP of Honey

1 TBSP of Almond Oil

2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar


Focus heavily on damaged ends while applying. Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes, and then proceed to wash hair.



Enjoy some serious rehab for your hair, plus it is so relaxing to pamper yourself. Thank you for joining me my first week, I am so excited for the next few weeks! Get ready for the best hair of your life. #madzzynewhairnewyou





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