Go Nuts For Coconuts! {Day 12}

Go Nuts For Coconuts! {Day 12}

January can be sometimes a drag...I could absolutely hop on a plane right now, and head to the nearest beach. Sometimes that isn't as practical as I would like. Haha. Luckily, Kopari brings the beach right to you! 



Coconut Oil, another superfood for well anything. You can cook with it, swish with it for whiter teeth, a moisturizer, and the best hair mask! 



Ok so at first when you are doing a Coconut Oil Mask it is definitely going to be a littler weird. Your hair tends to feel super slimy, and heavy after but your ends will feel smoother, plus get ready for some seriously shiny hair! 




Like I said before it is going to feel a little weird, but I promise your hair will feel amazing. So start by taking about a quarter size of coconut oil in your hand, and rub together. (You may need more depending on how long or thick your hair is, but always start with less). After you rub in your hair, rub starting at the ends and come about an inch or so from the root. Make sure you are really rubbing it in to ensure that your hair will get optimum hydration and nutrition. Let sit for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or overnight. When you shampoo you may have to shampoo twice (this is an exception to the shampoo do's and dont's)! Dry and style as normal! 


This is one of my favorite ways to reset your hair! Especially during the winter months your hair is extra dry, add a little bit of paradise and protect those ends! 




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