Here’s to 2018!



This year has been big for me, and I mean big. Forever I have had THE worst self esteem, but have always wanted to share my love of beauty and fashion with the world. I finally one morning leaned over to Ben (and after a lot of support and push from my family) and said today is the day. It’s happening. I’m starting. I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve also realized that I could literally care less what other people think about me, and for someone who has had the self confidence of a piece of dirt that’s pretty darn great. Madzzy has become something that I love and have such a passion for. So to Madzzy thank you for making me fierce, confident, and excited about my knowledge and sharing it with the world. 2017 was so good to me, and I’ve connected with a lot of amazing brands, people, and girl bosses (I tagged everyone who was so influential to me this year) that made it even more exciting. But Babes. 2018. It’s here, and is going to be huge.

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