It Might Sound Lengthy, Brush Your Hair 200 Times {Day 3}

It Might Sound Lengthy, Brush Your Hair 200 Times {Day 3}

Grow Your Hair…With Just Your Brush

Madzzy’s tricks for growing your hair, without the expensive products!

So growing your hair can be a daunting, and expensive task but it doesn’t have to be. Although, you can take anything and everything that has to do with hair growth, you can do something to promote growth with a tool you already own?

My mom for years told me that brushing 200 times a day would make your hair grow, but it wasn’t just my mom that said this. Allure wrote an article in 2016 about the benefits of brushing your hair.

This article featured a dermatologist, and scalp expert Francesca Fusco where she chatted about the importance of brushing your hair the right way. She says:  “Brushing your hair with the proper brush is a healthy thing to do for your hair. It stimulates circulation and distributes sebum along hair shaft so hair looks shiny and luminous,” she says. “Proper circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen to the follicle from where the hair grows, but I’m not familiar with any studies demonstrating that brushing causes a release of growth factors that stimulate hair to grow faster.” (link if you want it continue to read the article Scalp stimulation is the best way to promote hair growth, plus it’s already with something you own. Literally could anything be better? I think not!




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