New Serum. Who Dis?? {Day 14}

New Serum. Who Dis?? {Day 14}

Serum is a word you hear everywhere it seems. Between Vogue telling you to put on 10 serums at night to prevent wrinkles, and hair dresser suggesting serums for the longevity of your hair left and right! I will tell you serums are AMAZING for your hair. After I found the Tela Fountain of Hair Vitality Serum I fell in love, a couple of months later  I'm wishing I found it sooner. 


So what exactly does a hair serum do? Hair Serum is used as a primer to prep before styling (The one I use can be used on dry or wet hair)! Massage into scalp to stimulate the hair follicle, and move from root to end. Apply daily, to see long term benefits including hair shine, smoother, thicker, and longer hair! A serum is crucial for obtaining your healthiest hair. 


Tela has a whole hair care line packed full of everything your hair needs to thrive. I will be chatting more about Tela in the rest of my calendar so make sure you download so you can learn more about this amazing brand, and how much their products will change your hair! 




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