Renew, Refresh, Restart {Day 1}

Renew, Refresh, Restart {Day 1}

We grow up with celebs all over with the best hair, but it seems so hard to obtain. My goal over the next 28 days is to help everyone get shampoo commercial hair. We will be learning new braids, hairstyles, and the best ways to take care of your hair. It will take some dedication, but by the end all of your friends will be so jealous because #hairgoals.

Yarok hair care serum

I have been a hairdresser for 6 years, and have traded the scissors for the blog and have found a love from there, but I still know a lot about what is good and bad for your hair. 

New hair new you

I am so excited to share my insight, and include other knowledge from influencers in the business. Basically this is a hair 101 for everyone who wants their hair to be the best it can be. Plus throw in a couple of new hairstyles? We’ve got you covered. 

Here’s to #hairgoals

Dont Forget To Download Your Calendar (below) To Keep With The 28-Day Hair Makeover Challenge


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