The Truth About Shampoo & Conditioner {Day 2}

The Truth About Shampoo & Conditioner {Day 2}

Everything You Know About Washing Your Hair Is Wrong...

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Ok so I know it seems so crazy that there is a right and wrong way to wash your hair, but there is. We are so accustomed to think that we should wash our hair everyday, but actually we should lay off the water and go every couple of days. So let’s chat the do’s and don’ts of washing those tresses. Properly washing hair can add shine, and bounce to lackluster and boring hair!


DONT: Wash your hair every day if you can. Even going every other day is a lot better than washing every day. This will help with any kind of damage that can come to the hair when it is wet.


DO: Every other- every two days is so much better for your hair. When you wash your hair every day your scalp can become dry, and produce dandruff. Your scalp produces natural oils that do help with preventing that from happening. When you don’t wash your hair as much your scalp has time to absorb the oils, and protect your scalp.


DO: Rinse your hair before you shampoo. It helps to get all of the extra gunk out of your hair before you clean it. You want to make sure that before you start shampooing open the cuticle up with a hot water rinse, so your hair can get really clean. Don’t worry we also will have to close the cuticle as well.


DO: My hair tangles like nobody’s business. I read from a top hairdresser a little bit ago (but for the life of me cannot find the article or the hairdresser) that if your hair is long like beneath your shoulders conditioning first can help with smoothing hair and adding shine. Ever since I read that I tried it, and it works great. So if your hair is prone to tangling and long or thick try this.


DO: When you shampoo the roots is really all that needs the cleansing. That is where you tend to get the dirtiest, by rubbing your hands through your hair, or just normal everyday activities. Once a week I will shampoo a little lower, and really lather, but like I said before my hair gets so tangled so I try really hard to lay off the shampoo below the roots. When you shampoo really try to stimulate the scalp it will increase blood flow, and help promote hair growth (WHO DOESNT WANT THAT)!!!!!!!!  


DONT: Be rough. There is no need to be super rough with your hair. When your hair is wet it is more prone to damage than when it’s dry. So remember when you shampoo to take care of your hair and be gentle.


DONT: Repeat. There is literally no need, and it ends up doing more harm than good. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules. Unless the hair is super dirty (like the time Ben and I went to Mexico and I only washed my hair once in ten days) there really is no need for doubling up the poo.


DO: Only condition from mid-length to the ends. You don’t want to add heavy conditioner to the roots to weigh the hair down. So when you condition keep it on the ends. TIP: When conditioning if your hair tends to get tangled you can use a wide tooth comb and GENTLY comb through your hair with the conditioner still on the ends it helps with keeping it nice and smooth.


DO: Rinse your conditioner out with COLD water. It will close the cuticle up, and produce shiner hair. Plus if you shower in the morning it will wake you right up, nothing says good morning like an ice cold rinse at 5am.

Photo Cred: Kristen Pierson Photography

Following these tips will literally transform your hair. Get ready for a year of shiner, healthier, and longer hair. Make sure you use #MadzzyNewHairNewYou so I can follow along with your journey as well!

Photo Cred: Kristen Pierson Photography

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