Waves So Perfect, The Ocean Would Be Jealous {Day 15}

Waves So Perfect, The Ocean Would Be Jealous {Day 15}

Ok, I can't be the only one that sits through fashion magazines studying their hair to one day figure out how to perfectly emulate celebrity worthy hair. I have tried for years to perfect beach waves, the most sought after hair possibly in the history of hair. THEN I discovered the BEACHWAVER, the holy grail of all hair tools. The one thing to give me the look that I have always wanted.....Victoria's Secret Model hair! AHHHH It felt too good to be true, but don't worry, it's not it's a totally real thing, and I am all about it. 


Let me explain how it works in like 5 steps: 

  1. Clamp hair (I always leave ends out) 
  2. Push button, and the curling iron rotates giving you THE perfect curls. 
  3. Once you curl all hair brush through once it has cooled off (I use my fingers) 
  4. Touch up any curls that might not be holding as well 
  5. Spray with hair spray, ALWAYS do a hair flip, tease that hair and walk out the door! 

Literally that is it! 

I am obsessed with the Beachwaver the curls you see in all of my pictures are all because of the beachwaver! 


Try it. 

You won't regret it. 


I promise. 





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